Artist and First Tiger
March 26, 2012 @ 0:00
Dear readers, I apologize first of all for only using this space to tell you when I'm going to be not here. I suck, and all that. Secondly! The university's spring break is next week, during which I will be attempting to finish all of April's comics so that I can concentrate on the con season (which this year has apparently decided to pack three cons into one month, woo), so I won't be posting comics. I might put a filler pony up or something, but brace yourselves. Thirdly! As I mentioned, it's con season. I don't have merch yet and so I won't have a booth, but both Rabbi and I will be working as security at three conventions in April: KitsuneKon starting 30 March (this Friday!) in Appleton, WI; OddCon starting 20 April in Madison, WI (my thoughts on this con are basically OMG LARRY NIVEN); and Anime Central starting 27 April in Rosemont (a Chicago suburb), IL. We'll be walking around in black vests looking important and helpful, and probably with our names stamped on us somehow. Please say hi if you're at any of these cons!